Book Review: Slim Aarons - "Poolside"

“Poolside” is Slim Aarons’s fourth entry with a unique focal point. Over the years, Aarons has established himself as an uncontested & skilled photographer gifted with access that only a handful of people have ever enjoyed. His past work has focused on the daily affairs of famous personalities, politicians, and stars. This edition sets itself apart as it follows a unique theme: Pools.

Over the 240 beautifully composed pages, Aarons displays how the elite enjoy their leisure time. He populates his photographs with eye-catching bikini-clad women, splendorous suntanned bodies, million-dollar yachts, and exotic locations. The late Aarons had the unparalleled talent of filling his readers with marvel and wonder. Poolside accomplishes delivering such an experience with Aarons at the forefront.

Poolside inhabits a unique place in Aarons’s catalog. Although it has some recurring personalities (such as Cheryl Tiegs and C.Z. Guest) from Aarons’s other photomontages, it shows them in a unique light. It emphasizes how differently the elite utilize their leisure time between managing their empires and multi-national brands. This focal point carries a sliver of relatability among an ocean of mystery for the ordinary person. With his brilliantly composed photographs, Aarons’s is able to allude to this focal point subtly and gracefully.

Interestingly, Poolside is a reflection of Aarons’s vow to the world. Facing the horrors of World War 2, Aarons had served behind enemy-lines and excelled as a war-time photographer. After the war, Aarons pledged to only storm beaches “decorated with beautiful, seminude girls tanning in a tranquil sun”. With Poolside, he completes this promise magnanimously.



Pages: 240
Size: 10.4 X 1.1 X 12.3 inches
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Images Copyright: Slim Aarons & Getty Images


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