Book Review: Slim Aarons - "Women"


In “Women”, Slim Aarons explores glamourous femininity. His career is defined with him pursuing exquisite shots that illustrate the daily lives of high society. This selection of photographs focuses on a significant facet of this class: Women.

Over the 200 finely crafted images, Aarons’s emphasis on the glimmering and empowered life of upper-class women is irrefutable. Navigating through this classic, one cannot fail to notice that Aaron achieved new heights by being an affluent socialite and an unmatched photographer. In Women, he has captured an intimate glimpse in the lives of Hollywood divas such as Audrey Hepburn and high profile personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, however; this does not limit his reach to the rich and mighty of the United States. His catalog covers the likes of Imelda Marcos who was the first lady of the Philippines. He captures these gorgeous icons against exotic backdrops such as the tranquil beaches of Jamaica and the lucrative resorts of Monte Carlo. Every photo oozes with rare candor, rich personalities, and the ostentatious lifestyles of these women.

After enduring the horrors of the Second World War, the exclusive goal of Aarons was to scout out beauty, and encapsulate it in the lens of his camera. With Women, Aarons is not only able to exceed his admirers’ expectations but also introduce them to women of eras gone by.

What better way to honor life’s charm without covering the wonderful women that inhabit every page of this book? Slim Aarons answers this question in this masterfully compiled and captioned photomontage.


Pages: 240
Size: 10.4 X 1.1 X 12.3 inches
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Images Copyright: Slim Aarons & Getty Images


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