Book Review: Slim Aarons - "La Dolce Vita"

“La Dolce Vita” stays true to its title throughout its 240 pages of photographs. Slim Aarons sheds light on the sweet life of the wealthy and privileged across the beautiful landscapes, resorts, and mansions of Italy. One’s imagination can hardly ever encompass the level of artistic brilliance Aarons possessed. La Dolce Vita only shows a glimpse of his eye for detail and the access he enjoyed with the rich and privileged.

Serving as a war-photographer in World War 2, Slim Aarons had experienced visiting Italy in a different and horrific light. The Italian countryside was ravaged with war, with no sign of life or beauty. Aarons himself had emerged as a wounded photographer in the aftermath of the bloody Anzio invasion. This grim experience left Aarons with a longing to re-experience Italy in a different and peaceful time. In La Dolce Vita, Aarons satiates this desire. After the first signs of post-war prosperity, he flew from Hollywood to Rome with the sole mission to capture captivating photographs of the beautiful Sicilian countryside. From Mustique to Monaco, from Aspen to Gstaad, Aarons takes his readers on a journey portraying Italian high society, exotic backdrops, and exquisite villas. Affluent personalities make an appearance throughout the stunning color pictures: Aristotle Onassis with his first wife, C.Z. Guest at her villa in Palm Beach and the Aga Khan at his Sardinian resort.

La Dolce Vita is a beautiful collection of photographs that immortalizes the work, vision, and effort of Aarons in providing a unique and unparalleled window to a world unknown and unfamiliar to most people.


Pages: 240
Size: 10.4 X 1.1 X 12.3 inches
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Images Copyright: Slim Aarons & Getty Images


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